Explore our complete range of indoor lights for an energy-effecient illumination in your space.Lighting Solutions are available in different styles,designs and brands to suit any space and choice Our lighting range creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere with the latest indoor lighting technology for your homes or offices.

Magnetic lighting-A new age lighting concept that offers freedom of playing with magnets and light. These lights are flexible, precise, and as creative as you can think. It is track lighting redesigned and elegantly refined for the modern interiors.

Profile lighting is the modernistic amalgamation of interior space, designing knowledge and creative thinking by bringing together the power of aluminium profile channels, LED strip lights and power supplies into a single architectural concept to illuminate our spaces uniformly. Profile lights enhance the volumes & recesses of the surfaces, creating a rythmic effect through the altertaion of light & shadow.  

The energy-efficient LED downlights brighten the ambience of your home or office by providing uniform illumination, ensuring visibility and highlighting focal points. LightCube offers downlights from leading LED Brands such as Syska, Philips ,Wipro that illuminate the space with required amounts of lighting which helps Light Years Ahead.

Wall/Ceiling lights provide directional focus lighting for products or walls. They can be used as wall washers or grazers to highlight an artpiece or home décor by easy installation on wall or ceiling.

Architectural COB lights are new-age focus lighting solutions for the interior spaces. They provide better light distribution and greater design flexibility with various diffuser shapes, beam angles, body colors and finishes.

LED Bulbs emit a brighter glow, consume lesser power and are environment friendly with low maintainence costs than CFL or incandescent bulbs. The LED battens or tubelights offer better power consumption with maximum illumination. LightCube houses bulbs and battens from leading LED brands such as Syska, Philips, Wipro lighting to give you the best quality lights for your spaces.

LED Strip lights add the drama in home interiors by changing the mode of a space. They provide accent lighting to enhance home decor. LightCube provides strip and cove lights from leading brands such as Syska, Philips and Wipro.