One of the most important aspects of any industrial area, be it warehouses, manufacturing facilities and commercial complexes is Lighting. Owing to the fact that they are high precision working environments, they demand the highest quality and reliability as lighting has a major contribution in performance of employees. Our collection of energy efficient and low maintainance-cost industrial lighting is available in leading brands like Syska, Philips, Wipro and Many more.

Flood lights are broad beam artificial sources of power efficient, low heat and long-life lights which help brighten your outdoor spaces like Stadiums, Hoardings, Public Parks or Building Façade. They are an excellent replacement for high power consumption Halogen or Metal Hallide Lights.

High-bay lights are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities or ports to help improve the mood of workers and reduce the rate of error, thereby, increasing productivity. They spread light over a designated area which helps in ensuring proper task lighting.

Street lights help light up the streets and allow us to see better. They can be used to light up very large areas such as field and gardens and are also much more efficient than traditional lighting solutions.