Outdoor Light

There really is nothing more inviting than a well-illuminated outdoor space.Outdoor lights not just highlight the exterior architecture but also ensure visibility & security at night. Whether your requirement is for function or fashion, lighting up your outdoor space has never been easier, so start your outdoor lighting project today with our great collection of outdoor and garden lights. Outdoor lights are specifically designed in IP65 rating to withstand exposure to weather, making it possible for you to install your outdoor lights wherever you want.


Outdoor Wall Lamps

Up-Down light, wall grazers, wall washers are designed to save energy and still achieve superior lighting. They are water & heat resistant and can be used on the exterior walls of buildings, lawns, balconies to add aesthetic beauty to the exterior space.

Gate Light

Gate lights enhance the aesthetics of a space and are used on wall posts, gates and even terrace boundaries. Having a nice gate light on the entrance of your home helps create an everlasting first impression.

Bollard lights

Bollard Lights

Bollards lighten up your outdoor gardens and driveways. Our collection has IP65 rated bollards which are dustproof and waterproof for an evergreen investment.

Burial Lights

Ground Burials or Walkovers are ideal for driveways, staircases or under an outdoor sculpture. They provide focused light to highlight a planter, tree, wall or sculpture installed in outdoor spaces by being buried in the ground.

LED Burial
Spike Light

Spike Lights

Spike lights are a great way to light up your garden. They provide focused light to highlight a planter, tree, wall or sculpture installed in outdoor spaces by being installed on a surface. 

Flood Light

Flood lights are broad beam artificial sources of power efficient, low heat and long-life lights which help brighten your outdoor spaces like Stadiums, Hoardings, Public Parks or Building Façade. They are an excellent replacement for high power consumption Halogen or Metal Hallide Lights.

Flood Light

High Bay Light

High-bay lights are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities or ports to help improve the mood of workers and reduce the rate of error, thereby, increasing productivity. They spread light over a designated area which helps in ensuring proper task lighting.

Street Lights

Street lights help light up the streets and allow us to see better. They can be used to light up very large areas such as field and gardens and are also much more efficient than traditional lighting solutions.