Profile Light

Profile lighting is the modernistic amalgamation of interior space, designing knowledge and creative thinking by bringing together the power of aluminium profile channels, LED strip lights and power supplies into a single architectural concept to illuminate our spaces uniformly. Profile lights enhance the volumes & recesses of the surfaces, creating a rythmic effect through the altertaion of light & shadow.

Suspended Profile Light

Suspended Profile Lights

Suspended or hanging profile lights are a fantastic way to achieve a contemporary and stylish look in any interior space. Use of linear geometry and clean designing adds a simple yet architectural design element to your interiors. LightCube houses brands such as Philips, Wipro and Syska which provide bespoke designs to illuminate your interiors like nothing before using new-age profile lighting solutions.

Recessed Profile Lights

Recessed profile lights provide a seamless lighting solution for the recesses in the ceiling and walls of your home or office spaces using aluminium profile channels, LED strips and power supply. They are available in different sizes and finishes to give a customized solution for your interiors. Playing with ceiling/wall designs has never been this easy with our wide range of profile lights.


Surface Profile Lights

Surface profile lights offer a stylish solution to your home and office space using aluminium profile channels, LED strips and power supply. They can be installed on any surface such as a ceiling, wall or artefact to enhance the interiors by providing a contemporary uniform light.